Changing the World One Naughty Dog at a Time – Good Dog Walkin’ Dog Training

GoodDog has a few dog trainers that we like to recommend to our customers. Laura Boro is one of them. The name of her business is Good Dog Walkin’. The similarity in business names symbolizes what Laura calls a “symbiotic” relationship between the two pet businesses, a relationship that has existed more than five years. GoodDog’s staff refers customers that they see as a good fit to Laura and she recommends to her clients training gear and treats that are available at GoodDog. There is no hunting around or wondering if you’ve purchased the right things. GoodDog employees know exactly what is recommended by Laura and those items are kept in stock.

Laura has taught dog training classes at GoodDog and will teach more in the future. She loves speaking to groups about dog behavior issues and she leaves her audience inspired to look at their dogs a bit differently. We’ll keep you posted about training classes held at the store.

When you first meet Laura you can easily observe her positive and kind manner. She has a ready smile and a fun sense of humor. Laura is a certified Humane Educator, Dog Behavior Specialist, and a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. She specializes in training the family dog, using her unique rapport and training style that highlights how dogs naturally learn and communicate, as well as how to relate to them in a positive, supportive and respectful way. Pets, like people, are individuals with their own ways of processing new information, like commands. They learn at different rates and with various types of reinforcement and methods. Laura determines what works best for her canine clients and respects their individual ways of processing new learning, making for happier dogs and owners, too. Hers is a force-free style of training.

Laura Boro has 15 years of experience working with dogs, and it is her own dog, a Plott Hound named Tessa, who led her from her work as a shelter outreach/special events coordinator onto the path of dog training. Shortly after adopting Tessa, the rescued dog was expelled from four doggie daycares due to a lack of socialization and guidance in her early life. Tessa had been abused and neglected by her former owner and her behavior issues were the impetus for Laura’s career change to dog trainer. Under Laura’s guidance and love as an owner and dog trainer, Tessa blossomed into a happy and attentive pooch. Today the once fearful and wayward hound is 14 years old and, thanks to Laura, has been living most of her years in utter contentment.

Laura has written an article (see below) about her early days with Tessa, before and after she first began doing the work of becoming a dog trainer. It’s a very honest look at the frustration of owning a dog that will not come when called, something many of us can relate to, right? Soon after the first incident describe in the article “The Coming When Called Challenge,” Laura embarked on her dog training journey, one that she continues to be inspired by to this day as she helps others find their way to better a understanding of their pets and how they learn best.

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Laura Boro
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