Dear Pet Lovers, 

 Raw Goat Milk Yogurt is not the thick creamy delight you are used to. It’s tart, almost tangy, flavor and milk like texture make it irresistible for your pets. You can feel good about giving them this treat, knowing that the active cultures help to balance the gut flora and improve digestion.

The addition of chia and coconut flour add fiber and omega 3 fatty acids, boosting your pet’s digestion and providing the important fats needed for health, inside and out.

Have you ever had your pet on antibiotics and had to deal with the loose stool side effects? This is due to the antibiotics wiping out good and bad bacteria. To repair your pet’s gut, you have to add probiotics. Do it more naturally with raw goat’s milk or raw goat’s milk yogurt.

Raw goat milk is one of the most complete foods on earth. With the perfect balance of trace minerals, vitamins, and nutrients, goat milk should be at the base of every diet. It’s a natural anti-inflamatory and anti-mucous properties make it a great food for allergy prone dogs. In addition, it contains 27% more selenium than cow’s milk. Selenium is an antioxidant that has cancer fighting properties!

I hope you will consider adding one of the wonderful goat’s milk products into your pet’s diet. As Martha might say, "It’s a good thang!"

Pam, Krister, Rosanna, Kris, and Emily

The GoodDog Team