Dear Pet Lovers,


We are the caretakers of the world. We can make small changes in our lives to help make it a better place for our children, grandchildren, and even for our pets. Here’s a few steps to consider.

  1. Let’s talk about biodegradable poop bags. These bags can decompose in about the same amount of time as an apple. Change bags to help with our massive garbage issues!
  2. Are you thinking of increasing the love in your family? Think adoption! Overpopulation, and consequently euthanization, is the #1 killer of dogs in this country. We have some wonderful rescues and shelters in North Idaho! You can always adopt or volunteer with a rescue group to help as many dogs in need find great forever homes.
  3. Old blankets and sheets may seem like junk to you, but to the dogs at your local shelter, they are beds and comfort. Instead of trashing your old linens and towels, donate them to your local shelter. Call them to see what they need!
  4. Old socks with missing pairs? Make a dog toy out of it! Recycling household products and making dog toys is a great way to re-use, rather than consume
  5. Instead of driving to the dog park, how about rollerblading, biking or just walking instead? It’s more exercise and time for you and your dog to spend together, and it’s not using fossil fuels or spewing greenhouse gases into the air.
  6. Look for more natural flea and tick repellent. There are some on the market that use natural oils to repel. Also, check your household cleaning products and make sure you’re using ones that are chemical-free and therefore, not contributing to harmful runoff into our ground and water sources.
  7. Take your dog on a wonderful nature hike!! Good for everyone involved!
  8. Whenever possible, use toys made of recycled materials. West Paw puts out great tough recycled toys.

Baby Steps are a great way to learn to take giant steps! Please help us take care of MOTHER EARTH.


Pam, Kim, Krister and Rosanna

The GoodDog Team